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replyMail is a WordPress Plugin, it enhance the threaded comment system of WordPress 2.7+.

When a comment have been replied, WordPress will automatic send a email to the comment author notify him/her – “Someone has replied to your comment!”.


  1. Download replyMail from WordPress Plugin Directory, and unzip it.
  2. Upload “replymail” folder to your WordPress’s plugins directory (always “/your-wordpress-directory/wp-content/plugins/“).
  3. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in your WordPress.
  4. Now, go to ‘Setting’ -> ‘replyMail Setting’, change the options.


  1. Make sure you enable the threaded comment system in your WordPress, Go to ‘Settings’ -> ‘Discussion Settings’, select ‘Enable threaded (nested) comments’, and then ‘Save Changes’
  2. Make sure your theme support WordPress’s threaded system. (your can migrating your theme to 2.7)

Template Tags
At replyMail Settings, you can use these Template Tags to custom the email Subject & Content.

  1. {#blogName}
    The name of your blog. ONLY for Subject.
  2. {#postTitle}
    The title of the comment post. ONLY for Subject.
  3. {#oriCommentAuthor}
    The parent commenter’s name. Can use both for Subject and Email Content.
  4. {#replyCommentAuthor}
    The reply commenter’s name. Can use both for Subject and Email Content.
  5. {#blog}
    Clickable link for the blog. ONLY for Email Content.
  6. {#post}
    Clickable link for the comment post. ONLY for Email Content.
  7. {#replyContent}
    Reply comment content. ONly for Email Content.
  8. {#oriContent}
    Parent comment content. ONly for Email Content.
  9. Also, your can use these HTML tags: <a href=”” title=””> <abbr title=””> <acronym title=””> <b> <blockquote cite=””> <cite> <code> <del datetime=””> <em> <i> <q cite=””> <strike> <strong>

replyMail screenshot 1
1 Main setting page.

replyMail screenshot 2
2 Donate tag

replyMail screenshot 3
3 Uninstall tag

replyMail screenshot 4
4 A shortcut to the setting page

Please keep these points in mind
Any bug, please comment here. I’ll correct it ASAP. THX.
English is not my primary language.

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61 Responses to “replyMail”

  1. xxbobxx says:

    try it now

  2. onefrozen says:


  3. […] replyMail加强WordPress 2.7的threaded comment功能,当一个人的留言别人进行回复,系统将会自动给那个人发送一封电邮,告诉他有人对他的留言进行了回复。 […]

  4. diego says:

    Olá vlw pelo plugin!

  5. huiyu says:

    这个和 subscribe-to-comments 有何区别么?

    • 冰古 says:

      WordPress 2.7开始,留言系统做了更新,留言的时候多了一个Reply就是其中的一个新特性(所以replyMail只能用于2.7+版本的WordPress),这个插件就是在reply的时候才进行发送邮件,也就是只有你的留言被Reply的时候才给你发送邮件。

  6. huiyu says:


  7. 失控 says:



    • 冰古 says:


      • 失控 says:



        • 冰古 says:




  8. Aabishkar says:

    你好 Will this work on Version 2.8.4?

  9. test says:

    你好 dfdfgdf

  10. test says:

    你好 test2

  11. Jayce says:

    你好 Nice plugin. Thanks. 🙂

  12. luanpa says:

    你好,Thank for your plugin.

  13. 囧哥 says:


  14. 囧哥 says:



  15. 夜泊枫桥 says:


    • 冰古 says:

      能收到邮件吗?能收到就是能正常用了,我现在用的是WordPress 3.0-alpha

      • 夜泊枫桥 says:

        别人回复或者我回复别人都不能收到邮件呢。好像你的博客回复我也收不到。 我用的是hotmail邮箱,应该是没问题吧

        • 冰古 says:


  16. I love this plugin and am so glad it exists, but I wanted to let you know that some of my commenters are getting spam because of it. When someone replies to their comment, they get it via e-mail, even if the comment reply is marked as spam and kept by Akismet. I hope that in future releases, something can be done to prevent commenters from getting an e-mail if the reply is marked as spam.

    Either way, thank you for your work.

  17. 面朝大海 says:

    WordPress2.92好像不行的样子 Email: 这栏应该可以随便填写一个自己用的邮箱的吧?

  18. chov says:



    • 冰古 says:

      做好blog本身的防spam工作吧,replymail 1.1.6版本只会在comment不为spam的情况下才会发送邮件了。防止spam还是blog的一大难题。

  19. Kara Brawley says:

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  20. Deslihhh says:

    Is there a way i can change the feply address? The from field is not working for me and when i reply the email comes from bluehost.com which is my IPS provider.

  21. La Lionne says:

    What about wordpress 3.01 version?

  22. chocky says:

    why it is not working on my blog? 🙁 my friend didn’t get any email from me when I reply their comments. what should I do?

    • 冰古 says:

      I’m not sure. Do you use wp-admin dashboard or some software to reply to your commentor?

      • chocky says:

        yes, I use wp-admin dashboard. I just install it like in the installation step by step. upload, install and activate it.

        one question, how this plugin can get authentication about the email address as a sender? is it just insert an email address in the email sender, isn’t it?

  23. JASKNi says:


  24. […] replyMail插件作者地址:点击进入   Leave a […]

  25. 望月生愁 says:


  26. […] 下载[replyMail] 插件(这插件支持wp最新版3.3.1),不要下载Comment Reply Notification插件,这个插件已不支持最新版。启用replyMail 并配置发送邮件内容。 […]

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